Investing in shares is akin to owning part of a business. A profitable business keeps ploughing back profits to earn more profits. 

Hence unlike investing in assets like gold and real estate, which are not productive, or in bonds or debentures, which have fixed returns, investing in shares, which represent ownership in productive assets (business), hold very high returns potential.

Of course investing is risky. Higher returns always come with higher risks. However the risks of investing in equities can be mitigated with sound research based investing.

Products :

1. Cash N Carry

2. Deliveries on Margin

3. Selling of Deliveries before settlements

4. High Intra-day exposures

5. Margin Financing


Value Adds :

1. Stock collateral benefits

2. Digital Contract Notes

3. Research calls through multiple channels

4. Tr@de On Move

5. Personal Investment Advisory

Products and value adds :


We provide end-to-end equity solutions to individual Investors and Active traders.

Clients can walk into our investment centers nearest to them or call their designated dealer on phone. Net savvy customers can execute their own trades online or use our centralized phone trade desk.

We also deliver high quality advice on individual stocks, sector trends and investment strategy, establishing us a reliable research unit across the country.

Research and investment ideas can be accessed by clients either through designated dealers at our Investment centers, Phone trade Agents or on the website.




1. Trusted Legacy – Prabhat Financial Services Ltd. brings with it the long legacy of trust bestowed upon by the customers & good relationships with some of the oldest clients.

2. Lineage & experience – PFSL is a leading full service securities firm providing the entire gamut of financial services. The firm was founded in 1996 by Mr. G.L. Sharma and Mr. S.P. Kabra.

3. Multi channel account access - You can invest in equities through our multiple channels of dealing – about 50 branches for extensive reach – Online Trading platforms for anytime , anywhere reach – Phone Trade for on the move reach.

4. Research backed advisory support - With the record of our research services, you can be assured that your investment relies on valuable sources.

5. Personalized Service - We help you through the entire investment process, step by step, with innovative and efficient Services. Also, We  assist you to trade smoothly and efficiently.


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