A mutual fund is a pool of money that is invested according to a common investment objective by an asset management company (AMC). The AMC offers to invest the money of hundreds of investors according to a certain objective - to keep money liquid or give a regular income or grow the money long term. 

Investors buy a scheme if it fits in with their investment goals, like getting a regular income now or letting the money accumulate over the long term. Investors pay a small fraction of their total funds to the AMC each year as investment management fees.



1. Strong AUM base 

2. Research backed advisory support - Our philosophy is to provide consistently superior, independent and unbiased advice to our clients backed by in-depth research. 
3. Diversified Product offerings - Prabhat Financial Services offers the products of all leading Mutual Fund Houses.
4. Superior Service - Our well trained and equipped  employees are here to take care of your investments. Our motto is to provide the best services to our clients.



We offer lump sum investment plans as well as systematic investment plans of all Mutual Fund houses to our customers

lump sum Investment :

1. Long term investment horizon - The lump sum option is best suited for investors with a medium to long term investment appetite & can withstand the periodic volatility. 

2. Value picking - lump sum investments are apt for investors who wish to pick up funds investing in specific sectors or stocks.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) - Advantages :

1. Volatility of market - Indian markets remain at their volatile best at most times. Timing investments in this market is difficult. SIP helps you tide over lows and ride the highs of the stock market. 

2. Rupee Cost Averaging Advantage - When you invest the same amount in a fund at regular intervals over time, you buy more units when the price is lower. Thus, you may reduce your average cost per share over time. 

3. Benefits of compounding - Saving a small sum of money regularly makes money work with greater power of compounding with significant impact on wealth accumulation. 

4. Disciplined & Regular Investing - SIP requires the investor to allocate a specific amount regularly over a period of time. This develops a habit of regular savings through market ups and downs, so that your investment behavior is not affected by short term market moves. 

5. Small Amounts of Investments - One can start a SIP with lesser amounts when compared with other market linked products. Thus investors need not wait till they have accumulated a large capital to begin investing. 


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